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Environmental Policy – 31/01/2012

Introduction and Aims:

  • This Environmental Policy applies to that part of the operation identified as “Installation and Fulfilment” and does not apply to either the Business Premises or Office Operations
  • The Policy forms part of the Operational Management System created to satisfy the “Assessment Criteria” for SCC Certification applied for on 14/11/2008 (Safety-health-environment, Checklist for Contractors)
  • The overall aim of the Policy is to state Plan2’s commitment to comply with current Legislation and to take active, measurable steps to reduce the impact on the environment caused by our activities.


  • The Environmental Officer is both responsible for:
  • Integrating Environmental Considerations into the Business
  • Maintaining this Environmental Policy


  • Plan 2 Install Management have made available both time and resources to both implement and maintain this Policy
  • Plan 2 Install will implement a Training programme to raise awareness of Environmental Issues and enlist Subcontractor’s support to embrace this


  • Plan 2 Install are a participant in the POPAI (UK & Ireland) Green Project. A project to promote Environmental Best Practice within the Retail Marketing Industry.
  • This means that Plan 2 Install are committed to setting and measuring KEY ENVIRONMENTAL PERFORMANCE INDICATORS, reporting these on the Green Project Web Site and attending half-yearly meetings


  • Plan 2 will measure its impact on the Environment and have set targets for ongoing improvement – this includes the following Key Points
  • A short review of our current logistics practices to identify potential fuel / cost savings
  • Measuring and reducing the amount of Display material that is discarded during the life cycle of the installation


  • Data will be collected as part of all Projects undertaken by Plan 2 Install
  • All findings will be reported on the Green Project Web Site
  • Reviews will be undertaken as part of the POPAI Green Project half-yearly


  • A Copy of this policy has been included in Plan 2 Install’s Web Site -A Copy can be obtained from Plan 2 Install – Contact Mike Kirchin 0161 941 2239
  • Copies have been issued to all Employees, Subcontractors, Suppliers & Clients
  • POPAI will produce regular industry summaries which will include highlights of member's activities
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Click Here to download our green project guide to environmental best practice, or alternatively visit the green project website at

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