Quality Policy

Plan2 Install is a Key provider of Installation and Merchandising expertise in the "world" of Point of Purchase and Retail Marketing. As a commercial enterprise we are aware of the importance of satisfying our customers expectations and of the financial impact of nonconformity on our profitability.

Introduction and Aims:

  • Plan2 Install's policy is to operate its business in a manner that consistently meets or exceeds the quality standards set by the stakeholders affected by the work undertaken regardless of whether these Stakeholders are either
    • Customers/Clients
    • Industry Regulators
    • Any working environment where the organisation conducts its operations


  • The primary function of Plan2 Install is the Installation and Merchandising of Display Equipment on behalf of both Brands and Manufacturers within Retail environments
    • This is achieved by supplying industry trained and experienced personnel to carry out this activity


  • Plan2 is committed to continuously improve the quality of its operations and the services it provides and as such has appointed a Quality Assurance Manager who is responsible for:
    • Integrating Quality Management considerations into the business
    • Maintaining this Quality Management Policy


  • Service Quality is determined by all Stakeholders and as such Plan2 Install will endeavour to set objectives which will:
    • Identify the changing needs and expectations of each stakeholder
    • Maintain processes and procedures which ensure that these changes are accommodated
    • Provide services on time for the best value possible
    • Provide an employment environment where continuous improvement is encouraged
    • Train all its Employees and Subcontractors to act in accordance with the requirements of this policy


  • To ensure the delivery of Quality Management Plan2 Install operates on the following basis:
    • Plan2 Management have made available both time and resources to both implement and maintain this Policy
    • Plan2 conduct a Training programme to raise awareness of Quality Issues and enlist both Employees and Subcontractor's support to embrace this


  • All work undertaken is deemed; a Project and managed under PRINCE2 conditions
  • A PRINCE2 Project Manager is appointed to undertake the Planning and Delivery of the defined Work Packages
    • This includes the design and appointment of a Project Management Team consisting of
      • Project Board, Executive and Manager
      • A Project Support Officer
      • An Operational Team Manager - who conducts the training of all Plan2 operatives in delivering quality to any Project
      • Team Members aka Subcontract "Installers"
      • Subcontract "Installers" are trained and qualified to DNV SCC standards
      • DNV SCC standards demand the highest level of consideration to the Safety and Health of all its Employees and Subcontractors in a way that respects and considers ALL Environmental concerns
      • A Disaster recovery Plan is in place to ensure that in the event that any member of the Team is unable to complete their responsibilities, then a replacement can be found immediately


  • Performance data is collected as part of all Projects undertaken by Plan2 and all findings are reported on the Company's "Asset Tracker Web Site"
  • Reviews of all activities are undertaken as part of the PRINC2 Practitioner's End of Project Report and recorded in the Lessons Learned Log


  • This Policy can be viewed @ http://www.plan2install.co.uk
  • Copies have been issued to all Employees and Subcontractors
  • Copies may also be obtained from Plan2 Telephone 0161 941 2239
  • A Copy of this Policy is held on the main Display Board in Plan2's Offices

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