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Arno Group - Nokia Lumia Wave

Date: 30/11/2011

 Nokia Lumia Wave display in Phones 4u



Arno Group

Project Period:

November 2011


A limited run and rollout of a specialist display unit to go in premium sites within the Phones 4u independent high street mobile phone retailer.

Project objectives:

  • To increase customer awareness of the Nokia Lumia mobile phone.
  • To support other advertising media.
  • To introduce live demonstration product into the retailor.


  1. Collect the one piece display unit from manufacturers.
  2. Transport in packing case to site.
  3. Project Management Team to prepare the installation schedule and contact each store in advance.
  4. Prepare store layout plans, installation brief, and RAMS documentation.
  5. Carry out installation programme.
  6. Remove existing display fixtures.
  7. Install Nokia Lumia Wave unit in agreed location.
  8. Plug the unit into electric supply.
  9. Merchandise with retailor product and check that unit functions correctly.
  10. Provide daily individual site reports using Asset Tracker.


The project management team completed the schedule planning and contacted each site manager. It was also important to liaise with the Nokia Area Manager who was expected on each site to supervise the installation.

Given the high value of the Nokia Lumia Wave display, the installer collected this unit from the manufacturer and transported it direct to site.

The unit replaced an existing display which had to be removed from each store. Once this was done the Nokia Lumia Wave unit was fitted into place, powered, merchandised and tested.



Gold Standard Installation

  • 10 sites visited.
  • Out of store trading hour’s installation.
  • Installation included electrical installation for demonstration product and LCD screen.
  • Daily report on Asset Tracker with accompanying photographs.
  • 2 man team used for installation across the UK.

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